The Rules

There will be two senior men’s competitions:

Fiddler’s Boot – Senior Cup

Fiddlers Sock – Junior/Social Shield

There will be one women’s competition.

The Fiddlers Bow – Ladies Cup

Unless otherwise stated the rules will be the same for all competitions.

Teams may request to be entered into either competition but the final decision as to the allocation of teams between the competitions will lie with the Organising Committee.

Panel sizes and playing numbers:-

Playing panels in the Fiddler’s Boot and Sock will be limited to 13 players and the names of those players must be notified to the organisers at the start of the tournament.

Playing panels in the women’s event are not restricted (this is to allow as many people as possible to participate in the matches)

Player names must be provided to the organisers at the start of the tournament. Please note that this will be taken as confirmation that players so named are bona fide members of the participating rugby club.

Players may only play in one tournament i.e. a player who has been registered for the Boot competition may not subsequently play in the Sock competition and vice versa. Except that in the case of an injury to a Boot player necessitating that player’s withdrawal from the competition, his team may replace him with a new player even though that replacement may have already played in the Sock competition.

Touch Judges

Teams shall be expected to provide a touch judge for each match in which they are playing. Except that in the knock out stages independent touch judges will be provided.

Rules of the game

The normal rules of Rugby football shall apply subject to the following variations:

Tries are the only scores. (The nettles are the dead ball line!)

Restarts – the scoring team restarts with a drop kick.

Scrums will consist of 5 players and will be limited to a one metre push (as in u19/minor rugby)

This event will be the first time that many of our spectators will have seen a rugby match close up and personal. Because our sport is being showcased in this manner the organisers expect that the highest of standards will be observed both on the pitches amongst players, and along the sidelines amongst supporters etc. In addition to all the normal rules of rugby union our referees are instructed to punish all unsporting and un-gentlemanly conduct on the field of play. At the referee’s discretion yellow cards may be result in a player being sin-binned until half time or until the end of the match.

All players sent off for such play or behaviour as incurs a straight red card will not be permitted to play again in the Tournament. The player’s name and team will be reported to the Organising Committee by the match referee.

In each pool game 3 match points will be awarded for a win, 2 match points for a draw and 1 match point for a loss. In pool games there will be no extra time to determine a winner.

If a knock out stage match is drawn and extra time is required the match shall restart with 5 minute periods. After each period the teams shall change ends without any break and continue until a “golden try” is scored by the winning team.

All games will be 7 minutes per half with the exception of the finals which will be 10 minutes per half.

Group stage placing’s shall be determined on the basis of total match points, then total tries scored, then the outcome of head to head matches, then the least number of red cards, then the least number of yellow cards, then the toss of a coin.

In the event of any dispute arising on any matter the decision of the Organising Committee (DECKIE TOLAN) shall be final.

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